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One of the things we take for granted in large towns and cities is access to running water. We turn on a tap and water flows and we take this very much for granted nowadays.

But in most parts of the country the water is hard and this has implications for all of us that hit us in the pocket. Water, as every schoolboy knows is H₂O, however this is not the whole story. Pure H₂O, if there is a such thing, would be classified as soft water. Water that contains traces of minerals, such as calcium and magnesium, is classified as hard water.

And it’s these minerals that are present in our domestic water supplies that cause long term problems. Health wise, you’re okay, hard or soft water so no impact on us. The problems arise because hard water can deposit it’s minerals as limescale. How to remove


Tap with Limescale

Limescale is the slow death of domestic appliances. Slowly but surely the limescale coats elements and moving parts so that they eventually seize up or heating elements lose efficiency. The level of damage depends upon the hardness of the water. But inevitably you end up going to a white goods store for a replacement and they aint cheap.

But the inside of pipes, especially hot water pipes (as hot water releases its minerals faster than cold water) get clogged up inside slowly the bore of the pipe reduces in diameter and slow less water flows.

Heating elements which are used in hot water systems get caked in limescale, which is also a heat insulator. So the heater is now heating the limescale which retains the heat instead of heating the water. So you heating system becomes less efficient an the house seems cooler although your still paying the same bills.

The Best Solution

Most ways of treating limescale tend to be deal with the consequences instead of being preventative. Preventative measures remove any minerals from the water as it enters your home so that the water becomes soft.


water, the source

You can get these on the internet such as whole house water softener Kits these are easily fitted on the incoming domestic water feed but you can also get a plumber to fit them if your not sure how.

Prior to fitting, it’s worth getting your heating system flushed out. Plumbers will use chemicals to remove limescale from inside pipes. They will do this several times until they’re sure that the system is clean.

Once the water softener is fitted, they’re easy to maintain and require little to no service and importantly they remove limescale for good. That’s the long term objective here. And white goods and heating systems will remain in good order for a longer period of time, which saves you money. And you won’t feel cold in winter as the heating elements will be free from limescale.
As a bonus clothes will come out softer and fluffy. Washing your face and hands is nicer in soft water and you’ll feel cleaner as well. Soft water is a lifestyle change and you’ll notice it every time, water will no longer just be water and you’ll notice this when staying in a hotel some place how different their water is to yours.

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