Variable Temperature Kettles

Herbal Teas

If like me you enjoy tea and in my case Chinese green tea, jasmine and oolong varieties. Then your going to love these variable temperature kettles. How to make a perfect cup of tea

Isn’t this just another kitchen gadget that you don’t really need? Cluttering up an already busy kitchen (most households already have a plethora of useless gadgets that never get used but take up space valuable space in the kitchen). And besides you already have a kettle and certainly don’t need a second one.

Well all of that is true but this isn’t about extra gadgets, it’s about taste and in particular the flavor of your drinks. You see traditionally if you want a hot drink, tea or coffee are the main ones, then you just add boiling water.

saucepan with water boilingThe Problem with Boiling Water

Adding boiling water is at 100 degrees centigrade, which is not ideal for hot drinks, destroys the subtle flavors and actually scotches the tea/coffee. Leaving a burnt after taste.

Ideally you want the water to be at the ideal temperature and that’s where variable temperature kettles come in. You could try and do this DIY style, using a thermometer but I think you’d agree, you’d soon get fed up with such an arcane procedure.

The DIY Approach to Boiling Water

This new device will heat water to any temperature you desire, all the way up to boiling point. For delicate green tea the optimum temperature is around 85 to 90 degrees centigrade. Perfect Brewing

Now for tea you could make the argument that the teapot, being cold, will take some of the heat from the water thus cooling it down. This is true but you initially scorch the tea with boiling water and quite likely under shoot the ideal temperature for brewing. Getting the worst of all conditions. Plus you don’t know what temperature the water’s at, it’s pure guess work.

Modern Temperature Control KettleWhere to get Kettles with Temperature Controls

Ideally you should invest in a variable temperature kettle, like the ones shown here electric kettle with temperature control They will get the temperate just right to make your hot beverage and you’ll be rewarded by a better tasting drink with more delicate flavors and aromas.

These devices also have the ability to keep the water at the desired temperature for a short time. Unlike a normal kettle that boils and stops, then cools down. And because everything comes with a phone app these days, so do some versions of these kettles. So, you can be in one room and set the temperature and switch on the kettle all from the comfort of your armchair using the kettle’s phone app. The app then beeps to let you know that the water’s ready.

old copper kettleThe Humble Kettle – Room for Improvement?

At the end of the day a kettle is a kettle and they haven’t changed their basic function in thousands of years. Well we think this is about to change because technology can improve the humble kettle for the better. Take a look temperature control kettle

Not boiling water is good for the environment too. You use less energy when you don’t boil water all the time. That fact multiplied by thousands off boilings multiplied by millions of kettles is a lot of energy that could be saved. Plus you get to save money, not much but a saving just the same.

Modern Temperature Control Kettle - ControlsUltimately it’s about the Taste

A truly amazingly simple device with lots of potential and capabilities. A device with many benefits and a host of features. But ultimately it will improve taste. And we’re all for that.

All you need to know about boiling water