Shopping for all of us

We all love shopping right? We’ll we’re no exception – we love it.

Girls Out Shopping

It’s not just the shopping it, it’s passing the time with friends, with family, taking lunch or a well earned coffee break.

And we like to tell everyone about it, the bargains, the real great discoveries we make and the over and above friendly staff we find that truly make the whole experience just that little bit more special.

Now you can do all your shopping online nowadays and then have everything delivered right to your door. But where’s he fun in that? How could that compare to a shopping mall, air conditioned and brimming with shops to explore?

Mt Shopping MallThe number of shopping malls in each town and in each state bears this out. We all love shopping more as a recreation than a choir and that’s the way it should be.

But there are things you need or hard to find items and you must have and then this makes sense to get that one item, online and delivered. Rather than spending hours looking around. Most of the time that item is quite dull, so why waste time on all those mundane things? It makes sense to let some internet site take care of this for you.

So what’s my game plan? I usually arrange to meet with friends, so that means meeting around ten in one of the many coffee shops they have. Rested and relaxed we set off, sometimes with a purpose and sometimes just window shopping. Around one is a good time for lunch and a well earned break from all that walking. The afternoon is when we do the serious shopping and the bags get plentiful and the heavier as the afternoon wears on. Sometime around four, where spent, both physically and money wise. Time for one last coffee and then home.

Another perfect day.