Gifts for Freemasons

Compass and Square

My Freemason Journey

As with all journeys into freemasonary, my journey started with a friend, Jack, who I’ve known for over ten years. I new early on that he was a freemason but I never delved into it further.

At my office I was introduced to Ben, I noticed he had a freemason lapel pin. This is the one with a square and and compass. I new exactly what it was and what it meant because Jack also wore one.

I got to talking to Ben and he opened up the world of freemasonary to me, obviously not the secrets but the fraternity, charity and the social aspects of it all. Armed with this new knowledge I started to quiz Jack.

Jack was equally forthcoming and felt this was an organisation I might like to join. It took another six months before I finally took the plunge. But I filled out the application, met the committee and then initiated.

You can find out more about freemasonary here

The 3rd Degree

I finally became a master mason last month. Initiation to master in 10 months. It’s still quite new to me but I’ve visited a few other lodges as a guest. Was it worth it? Yes, so far so good. Different masons will get different things from the Craft but for me I like the social side of it.

For me meeting new people in convivial setting at the meal after the meeting is most enjoyable part. But slowly I’m starting to learn more of the ritual but that takes time.

But freemasonary is a journey and I’m still at the start but well on my way. I really would recommend freemasonary to other friends and colleagues.

Masonic Gift

My wife was very encouraging in my new quest and was keen to follow my progress and take an interest as the wife of a mason. When I became a master mason she suggested this milestone should be celebrated with a gift.

Jack suggested some apparel that could be worn at the lodge meetings and later at the festive board. That sounded perfect and he suggested this site Ashlar Masonic Gifts they have the “best of” all different types of masonic regalia.

What Freemason Gift Did She Get?

As I have to wear a white shirt and those shirts need cufflinks she got me a two sets of masonic cufflinks which I have to say, look really good.

About three weeks later after she bought those cufflinks, it was my birthday and she bought me a nice masonic tie pin. Which I’m quite proud of, it looks really quite smart.

To find a freemason lodge in your area try this

What’s Next?

I expect to spend some time as a master mason in the craft but at some point I will venture into different aspects of freemasonary. At this time my next step will be into Mark Masonry, which I understand expands on the 2nd degree of craft mason.

My friend Jack is also a member of the Secret Monitor and he does sell this order quite well. I may join this order at some later date. You can find out more here.