A Camera Tripod for Christmas

A Tripod for dSLR cameras

Camera and Tripod

Digital SLR cameras are still the best way to get that magical image. The combination of bodies, lens and flash heads, make for a machine for producing superb images with exceptional levels of detail when used in RAW mode.

When it comes to those wild life shots with the big (heavy) telephoto lens, you need a camera tripod to produce those sharp images. Those heavy lens will magnify any camera shake so a good tripod is key here.

Why you should use a tripod

Not Just any old Tripod

Large Camera Tripod

Tripods come in all shapes and sizes and it’s easy to get side tracked and select a tripod that looks good. But in reality a tripod is an investment and you need something that’s sturdy but not too heavy. Like the tripod for camera shown here.

Telephoto lenses with wide apertures tend to big and heavy but these are what you need for wildlife photography. To get up close without being seen.

Because those lenses are heavy, compared to the camera, they have a mounting point for a tripod built into them. This mount point is just off center slightly nearer to the camera body. So that the mounting point is near to the center of gravity for both the lens and the camera body.

Although the center of gravity has been taken care of, that leaves the weight of the lens to contend with. Some tripods become unstable with big lens and sometimes the tripod head can’t hold the lens and camera in position without slowly drooping over to the heavy end.

So a compromise is needed between weight of the tripod and its stability. And of course on the type of photography you do.

Don’t forget phone tripods

Like it or not the cell phone/camera phone is here to stay. To be fair each year that passes sees a major improvements in small camera technology. From multi-lenses to powerful software, designed to get the shot for you with just point and shoot.

The images can be both superb one minute and poor the next. But the same rules of photography still apply, however most cell phone users are blissfully unaware of all the technology behind the button.

Just because you using a phone doesn’t mean that it won’t suffer from camera shake (the same laws of photography apply). So there are gadgets for fixing a cell phone to a tripod and a bluetooth device to take the shot. Real simple and not expensive. Which takes you a notch when using a phone camera.

When to use a tripod

Christmas is Coming

Christmas present camera tripod

Which Christmas coming soon and your a keen photographer who’s yet to get a tripod now is the perfect time of year. Get your relations to head over to best camera tripod site and choose from the best.

Better still, why not treat yourself. There’s no better time to indulge in your pleasures and pursuits than at Christmas. And think of this as an investment, one that will reward you for many years to come.