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Scales on the piano

For all pianists, it’s a great advantage if you have knowledge regarding the scales on the piano. Playing different scales also helps pianists to improve. If you can use different scales, it also help you to better understand and increase your knowledge. Such as progressing with chord structures.sheet music scales

The relationship between notes

Knowing how well different notes work together in different scales. This is an important factor for pianists who improvise when they play the piano. This is often the case for those who’s genre is in jazz music where improvisation is an important factor. Because of this fact, one has to make sure how notes work together in different scales. For those who want to develop their piano playing, it’s an important factor for the best possible development.

double clefDefine different scales

Scales are a collection of notes that belong together. This is also important in terms of different chords. The big difference between chords and scales is that scales contain several notes that you do not play at the same time. A chord is a collection of notes played simultaneously.

Scales contain a collection of notes that in musical terms have a connection and belong together. The notes themselves are assembled together to form an arrangement that creates the chord. It can also create a starting point for those that improvise.

By learning or recognizing scales you will be able to place a song into a musical context and as a result, you can play it with less an effort.

The scale to focus on depends mainly on what kind of music you are most interested in playing. At the same time, it is good to be able to use the most common scales. It is also good if you learn the other smaller scales. Versatility helps when playing the piano.

pianist at a pianokeyboard

Normally, one piano has about 88 keys on a keyboard. All keys are also symmetrically placed in order. There are seven white and five blacks in a repeating group. In general, you play according to scales and therefore it is also more advantageous if you can study notes and even also the scales. When you play the piano, it is achieved by playing notes. The notes themselves are in different scales.

Different scales

Major Scales – this is the most common scale you play and perhaps the most important. This is because they are so common and they are basic to understanding different keys. There are several different types of scales that go into Major.

Minor Sales – There are mainly three different scales in the Minor.

double clef over piano

Major and minor are the most common scales when playing the piano. Major has some more positive tones while the minors have a more negative tone. There are also scales like blues, jazz, pentatonic scale and exotic scale. Popular music is based on the pentatonic scale, while the others are more specific to other styles of music.

In today’s world a large piano is mot an option for most homes. But luckily the are electronic pianos that sound and perform just like an acoustic piano They even have weighted keys as the ones here 88 key weighted keyboard